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Another potentially important characteristic of dating relationships is duration.

The association between dating duration and contraceptive use depends on sexual history, the measure of contraceptive use and the definition of duration.

For example, certainly not all adolescent dating relationships share similar levels of love, trust and commitment.

Thus, it is important to examine further how relationship dynamics and characteristics are associated with condom use.

Asymmetries in partners’ age, race and school were not related to consistent condom use.

Relationship duration was negatively associated with consistency (0.98–0.99), but the association was explained by feelings of relationship importance.

Findings for relationship qualities were similar for males and females, with the exception of conflict, which was positively associated with consistent condom use among females but not males.

Although the relationship processes associated with consistent condom use are complex, such processes appeared to be more strongly associated with consistent condom use than were social and demographic characteristics.

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Would my cousin be cheating herself out of a good opportunity? He has his own car, lots of money and I knew he would show her a great time. She was not close to her parents and turned to the boys she’s dating to find closeness and have someone to whom she could pour out her feelings who would really understand.Data on 269 participants in Wave 1 of the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study who had had sex in their current or most recent dating relationship were analyzed in logistic regression models to examine how positive and negative relationship qualities are associated with consistent condom use.Among teenagers who had had sex with their dating partner, both negative relationship dynamics (conflict, partner’s controlling behavior, mistrust, jealousy, perceived partner inferiority) and positive qualities (love, enmeshment, salience, self-disclosure) were negatively associated with consistent condom use (odds ratios, 0.7–0.9).For example, daters who express a “couple orientation” have higher odds than others of discussing contraception.which is consistent with the notion that teenagers perceive greater sexual risk with casual partners and act accordingly to protect themselves.

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