Who is drizzy dating

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Drake is no stranger to flirting via very public channels like social media. He fueled weeks of dating rumors when he posted a photo of him cheesin’ next to Jennifer Lopez around the end of 2016.

at the Billboard Music Awards and gave a pretty memorable acceptance speech in which he very deliberately shot his shot with Vannesa Hudgens.

It should be noted that he did not tag Jolie’s actual Instagram account, and instead a very popular fan account (it doesn’t look like Jolie has an official Instagram).

It’s probably just a joke that Drake came up with because he needed an excuse to post another photo of himself, but it definitely got some people talking.

“Breezy was upset that Dizzy got engaged to Serena before he could do her,” said a source close to Chris Brown. “Maybe they can make it a family thang,” said the source. WWN hopes they’ll be hitting balls together and rapping for a long time to come.

Drake isn’t going to retaliate against Brown’s elbow to the face. As he told WWN: “My father taught me: ‘Don’t fear any man.

But this year, the sheer number of A-listers not attending is STAGGERING. Justin Timberlake has reportedly already RSVPed a firm "no" ostensibly because he's too busy preparing for his Super Bowl performance.

Sarah Silverman is another woman on the long list of women Drake thirsts over.

But even before Drake was the massive superstar we know him to be today, he was still loudly talking about his crushes to anyone who would hear.

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