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RELOOP RP7000 £525 that arm might look rather familiar – it’s an OEM arm used on other decks – but Reloop has put a lot of itself into this design. II with go-faster stripes, it’s ideal for those who like to give e Bay a wide berth.

A relatively light weight model (at 9.5kg), it features a solid plastic chassis with a metal upper.

OK, it might not have all latest bells and whistles and, aesthetically, it may look a little functional but add the USB and S/PDIF digital outputs and you have a flexible turntable for not too much money.

AUDIO TECHNICA AT-LP1240 USB £379 With obvious designs nods to the SL-1200 Mk.

Gather a group of your friends and have a blast collaborating and creating an ever-changing stream of music mixes.*Requires compatible mobile device, operating system, internet connection, and download of the DROPMIX application from the Apple App Store or Google App Store. The mix is dynamic and changing as you drop your choice of tracks onto the board. Keep the flow going as you explore combos and compete 1 on 1, 2 v 2, or 1 v 2.Coming with MIDI, a digital read-out and a single bank of effects pads (which may take a little bit of getting used to), it ain’t cheap but it is laden with features. II £565 it might be but it arrives with Vestax’s Anti Skipping Tonearm, which does what it says on the tin: a spring balanced, straight arm it is tough to skip.If this feature is a priority, take a careful look at the Vestax.

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