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As a result, I'm overcautious about compliments and physical contact to avoid being one of those creeps.The Frisky: 20 things that make a man Second dates aren't any better, and by then even I know that I'm coming off as cold.

Aside from one two-month relationship, the process has been a total failure.

Heck, I've avoided asking girls out again because I'm so afraid of getting slapped for trying to kiss them at the end!

-- Walking on Eggshells Dear Walking on Eggshells: First of all, it might help you to remember -- or realize, if it's something you hadn't considered before -- that those women you've been going out with are probably just as nervous as you are, if not more so.

Regardless, it's never cool to treat a woman like garbage just because your ego's hurt. Tell her you had a nice time anyway and thank her for going out with you. Call within two days, reiterate what a good time you had with her and suggest something fun for your second date. If you're having trouble even getting first dates lined up, show your online dating profile to a trusted female friend or two and ask for advice. But, if she absolutely insists to pay for her half and won't take no for an answer, take that as a sign that she's not romantically interested in you and let it go.

And if she says "yes" to a second date, tell her you'll call her in a couple days to set something up and then do just that. If she doesn't pick up when you call and doesn't return your message, that means she isn't interested and was too much of a wuss to tell you so on your date. Move on 'cause time's a wastin' and there are other fish in the sea. Don't get discouraged; it's numbers game Finally, try not to get too discouraged if you have "limited success" with dating. They might see something that's slipped your notice: blurry photos that don't show you off in the best light, a cheesy headline, a jaded remark about how hard it is to find a good woman. Some women, myself included, don't want to feel they owe the guy anything -- like a second date -- simply because he bought her dinner.

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