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Another reason was that the man simply found slimmer women more attractive.

He has earned renown representing activists and protesters, including 400 people arrested during the 2000 Republican National Convention, AIDS activists, and members of Black Lives Matter.

Deni hopes voters will consider her entire career, which includes jobs in the City Solicitor’s office and the Board of Revision of Taxes as well as criminal defense work and 21 years on the bench in her bid for the job.

They say previous research has indicated that men generally rate slimmer women as more sexually attractive.

To assess the link between women's waist size and her perceived sexual attractiveness to her partner - and their general sexual satisfaction - they rated a man's sexual function using a questionnaire called the International Index of Erectile Function.

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    Wired asked the dating site Ok Cupid for photos of 400 of the highest-rated profiles in 10 major US cities, and the results were intriguing.