Meld app dating website devastation of the indies online dating

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So, if you like to travel, make sure one of those pictures is a travel picture. People are very visual, and they like to know that there is more to you.

Also, conversation through online and texts can be interpreted a certain way, so pick-up lines that don’t work in the normal world don’t work online.

I think it’s changing, but it hasn’t changed to where it is as acceptable as it is in some other communities.

Wale Ayeni: We have gotten a lot of users on MELD who has never been on a dating site before.

MELD has created a mobile app specifically catering to this niche category of single black professionals.According to Quartz, data compiled from Facebook’s dating app Are You Interested found Black men and women receive the lowest response rates on many online dating sites than any other race.Although the research provides a grim reality for the up to 70 percent of professional Black women who are single, dating apps like MELD are working to combat these statistics with a curated platform specifically for black professionals looking for love.Raissa Tona and Wale Ayeni, the co-founders of MELD, saw the market for a platform for Black professionals to meet and match online a year ago, and have grown since their app launched for i OS six months ago.“The black professional market [on dating sites and apps] is underserved.

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