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Whether you're looking for a new color, a new formula, or even a whole new look, with SEPHORA COLLECTION it's easy to get exactly what you want.We’ve all got a hilarious dating mishap story which we break out at dinner parties.(Glossy Gloss #01 Clear or Ultra Shine #01 Totally lucid).-For a perfect lip shape: start in the middle of the lips and smooth out to the corners of the mouth. -Vinyl Copolymer: Offers a magnifying effect that increases the apperant brightness of pearls.Some unlucky singletons have had some more serious incidents with a staggering 20 people surveyed ending up in A&E.

The shimmering and metallic formulas contain 3D shimmering particles and shea butter for extreme radiance.But a new study has revealed that the non-attached Brit has at least SIX bad dates every year- with one of these being classed as a complete car crash.The review into the dating success of the world’s singletons reported that more than two thirds of Brits would describe themselves as a “dating disaster”.Lips will look brilliant while drenched in this collection of glossy, shimmering, and metallic hues.The Hydra-Comfort complex blend of moisturizing oils and antioxidiant vitamin E ensures optimal comfort, while nourishing and protecting your lips.

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