Funniest online dating profile examples

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She told me, “I wasn’t impressed with his stardom, and I didn’t think his looks were all that great. If he wasn’t good-looking or famous, nobody would notice his sense of humor.

It’s like those women who claim they have crushes on Woody Allen or Larry David.

Men, on the other hand, are far more restricted in what we’re allowed to admit we’re attracted to.

If she doesn’t resemble a Victoria’s Secret model or Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, then he’s likely to take shit from his friends and peers.

But – and you had to realize there’s a but coming – women have a wide range of what they consider “hot” are allowed to consider “hot”.

Women are just as likely to love the skinny nebbish with the black-rimmed glasses as they are the six-foot-five bearded viking.

Obviously, colonization isn’t the sole cause; the European colonies are a thing of the past.Aside from basic signs of physical health – facial symmetry, clear skin, etc – there are no inherent, universal standard of “good looking”. right up until you start reading British papers; ginger-hate has actually led to physical assaults and literally has driven people to suicide.In fact, what we consider to be “attractive” is dependent on cultural transmission. In the US, this is absurd to the point of sounding like bad comedy right up until the episode of South Park that focused on gingers.In fact, the issue of how much looks matter to women – and what is considered “attractive” in the first place – is actually far more complicated than we think.Unlike Gottfried, I – and most of my peers – didn’t grow up with the idea that looks didn’t matter to women. But I’m not terribly surprised that the idea was floated out there. It’s not terribly surprising, when you think about it.

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