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However, it is designed to prevent victims from removing it easily.Malware blocks user’s access to browser’s extensions.Facebook virus is a group of malicious programs and scams that are used for stealing credentials, spreading ransomware viruses or crypto-currency miners.

The dangerous messages typically include these components and a link: When a user clicks on the infected link, the virus starts spreading the same message to all victim’s contact list. Therefore, it is also reported that virus can send messages in a different language.

Previously, such Video scam was used to redirect users to a fake Youtube page, he or she is offered to update “Adobe Flash Player”.

Unfortunately, the file “flash player.dmg” is infected.

With the help of compromised account, criminals send a link named after the video_[random_characters]path.

However, receiving files called, video_6447or similarly is a clear sign that your contact’s account was victimized and the content provided in these files is harmful.

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