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30: used stamps of British Postal Administration, opened office in Eastern Arabia, 1964, Mar. 1: UAE joint issues with Ajman, Dubai, Fujeira, Sharjah, Umm al Qiwain. Accurate: exact or correct; Sorgfaltig (Ger.), Soigne (Fr.), Acurata (It.), Esmerado (Sp.) Acechador: (Sp.) scout topic, theme. ACEP: (Fr.) Association du Collectionneurs des Entiers Postaux; (Postal Stationery Collectors Association). Acheson's graphite: graphite lines, manufactured by Acheson Colloids, Ltd., Great Britain, used to activate an automatic letter facing machine, 1950s. Advertising mail: USPS term, called Standard Mail as of Jan. Advertising postmarks: started during World War I as a propaganda tool. Whittington, employee initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. booklets: books of 1¢ and 2¢ denomination made for the A. Aerogrammo: (It.) airmail postal stationery, air letter sheet. to Mineola during the International Aviation Tournament, Sept. Aero Plane Special Safety Match: Swedish firm's label used on mail as sticker, year unknown. Aeroport International de Kandahar: Kandahar international airport, Afghanistan postmark. Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia: (Sp.) airline in Colombia; 1950-51: airmail stamps overprinted "A" for mail carried by AVIANCA. Affixing machines: mechanical devices used to fasten stamps to correspondence. Affranchissemente de fortune: (Fr.) make-shift franking. Affranchissemente insuffusant: (Fr.) underfranked, insufficiently prepaid. Affranchissemente mécanique: (Fr.) meter mark, meter postage. Affranchts: (Fr.) affranchissements, exempted from payment, pre-cancel marking on French stamps used for official or bulk mailings of business mail. Afrique Equatoriale Franeaise: (Fr.) French Equatorial Africa overprint on stamps of Gabon, Middle Congo. Aims of Industry: United Kingdom strike local post, 1971. Microfilm of original letter was flown, then enlarged and printed on a special form at its destination. Color: may be a variable shade that may cause one stamp to look different from another stamp with technically the same color; different shades may have vastly different catalog values. Color, Fugitive: stamp production inks that are affected by contact with water, benzine, etc. Hamburg/A: Hamburg - Amsterdam railway stamp, 1848. Hand colored: a hand drawn or printed cachet to which hand coloring or painting has been applied. Hand made cover: folding a sheet of paper to act as an envelope. Handstamp: 1: a hand-held device for printing that is struck on an ink pad, and then applied to paper. 3: name given to the impression or postmark imprinted. Hansa Danziger Stadt-Brief Spedition: local, Danzig, Germany, 1890-97. Hawid: manufacturer of Hawid Mounts, Hans Widmaier. Helipot Corp.: division of Beckman Instruments, Fullerton, Calif., 1950s fantasy issue using firm's products as subjects.

ABSN: Al Burn Stamp News, USAAbstand, Abst.: (Ger.) spacing. Abstempelung: (Ger.) cancellation, a mark placed on a stamp by a postal authority to deface the stamp and prevent its misuse. Abstimmung in Salzburg / : (Ger.) bogus overprint on stamps of Austria. 29, 1964: stamps of British Postal Administration in Eastern Arabia used, 1963, Mar. 6: Das Island post office remained in Bahrain, 1967, Jan. 2: joined the United Arab Emirates, 1972, Aug.: Abu Dhabi stamps overprinted United Arab Emirates, 1973, Jan. Accumulator: one who collects stamps in show boxes, etc., not in any order or category. A censurar en destino: (It.) to be censored at destination. Advertising label: label used to make up a full booklet pane advertising a commodity or service. Aerogramme, unwatermarked sheets: majority of aerograms are printed on unwatermarked sheets, while others do not show the watermark due to mark's wide spacing. Aerovias Nacionales: Puerto Rico semi-official airmail stamps. Affix: fasten, such as affix a postage stamp to an envelope. 22: first postal tax stamp issued, 1939, Oct.: first air mail stamp issued, 1952, July 12: first semipostal stamp issued, 1973, July 29: first issue as republic, used inscription, Afghan Post, 1978: Soviet coup overthrew government, 1979, Dec.: Soviet Union invaded nation, 1989: government stopped issuing stamps, 1989-92: Russian troops withdrew and rebels fought among themselves, 1997: Taliban, Islamic regime, occupied most of nation, 2002: Taliban driven out of power by U. Afgooye: inscription showing location of area depicted on 1980 stamp of Somalia. African Postal Union: common theme on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1963, 1967, 1971, 1973. Afrika Corps label: used to control number of packages mailed to Germany by members of the Africa Corps forces in World War II; each individual was allowed two labels a month. Afrique Central Anglaise: (Fr.) British Central Africa. Afrique Equatoriale Franeaise: (Fr.) inscription on French Equatorial Africa. Air Afrique: common design on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1961-62, 1963, 1966. Air Express: flown by the Air Express service operated by the Railway Express Agency (U. Airgraph: microfilmed letter form used by British forces during WWII; established April 22, 1941 as a military service and later extended to civilian mail, discontinued in July 1945. Colonies Postes: inscription on the General Issue for French Colonies, 1881. 1, 1876; cut from Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico and Utah Territories. Color Fast: stamp production inks that are not affected by contact with water, benzine, etc. Hand chop: overprint in Japanese characters applied to the stamps of nations occupied by Japan during WW II. Hand made cachet: an original, individually made cachet. 2: Privat-Stadtbrief-Expedition Merkur, German local, 1886-1900. 31: Hanover stamps could no longer be used, 1868, Jan. Hansa Danziger Privat-Stadtpost und Verkehrs-Anstalt: local, Danzig, Germany, 1886-87. Hawaii, Republic of: inscription used on stamps of Hawaii, 1894. Héliogravure (Helio): (Fr.) an early type of photogravure printing of postage stamps. Hellin: local post, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Herrera Line: Cuban packet company carried closed British mails, 1860s.

Adzaneta de Albaida: local, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937 AE: 1: United Arab Emirates, country code as used by UPU. Æblegrøn: (Dan.) apple-green (color).Ægte: (Dan.) genuine. Afrique Occidental: (Fr.) Portuguese province, joined the UPU Jan. Afrique Occidental Espanola: (Sp.) Spanish West Africa. Afrique Occid le Fran'aise: (Fr.) inscription on postage due stamps of Senegal. (Fr.) German East Africa overprint; 1918: Belgian Congo Charity issue stamps. (Fr.) Portuguese province joined the UPU Jan.1, 1922, left Oct., 11, 1978. Airlift: movement of mail by air taxi operators and air carriers. Color Proof: stamp impression in approved color(s) before start of production to show how a given design would appear before start of production. Hammerfest: City in Finnmark county, N Norway, located on Kvaløy Island ca. Hanford's Pony Express: inscription on local stamps for John Hanforth's Williamsburgh Express, operating between New York City and Brooklyn, N. Hardy's Express: private mail delivery firm serviced between Boston and Lawrence, Mass.; used a label, 1868?

If you are looking for NUMBERS look for them as they are spelled ie 3 would be under T for three. Agents: individuals, acting on behalf of a post office, collected incoming mail and departure mail, or en route of a boat or train; may have used postal markings and entered items into the mail stream. Agenzia dei piroscafi Ottomania: (It.) Ottoman Steamship agency, Turkish Steamship Company, 1840-62. Agramunt: local, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Agricoltura: (It., Sp..) agriculture, theme or topic. Agüera, La: part of Spanish Sahara, Africa; 1920-1923: used Spanish Rio de Oro stamps overprinted "La Agüera," 1924 stamps of Spanish Sahara. Aguilas: local Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Air Mail Postal Card: a postal card intended for air mail usage. Color Variations: frequently found on the Giori press on which up to three colors are printed. FI: fiscals; a philatelic discipline recognized for FIP exhibitions. Ficha: (Sp.) small stock cards for mounting stamps. Field Post Office: a post office established for servicemen on active service.

private local post serviced Boston, Lawrence and North Andover, Mass., label; 1850. ABCF: Associa'ão Brasileira dos Comerciante Filatélicos; Brazilian Stamp Dealers Association. Abhängige: (Ger.) dependency (in the geopolitical sense). Ablösung: (Ger.) franking privilege for Prussian local officials. Abnormal: nickname for stamps produced by De La Rue for Great Britain; 1862-80: one sheet for the archives, selected from sheets printed from a new plate, balance of sheets put into circulation. Abominable Snowmania: bogus, Punch magazine cover parody. Abonnement: (Fr., Ger.) subscription Abonnements-Poste: (Fr.) subscriptions for newspaper do not require postage stamps; Universal Postal Union regulation. 3: affairs étrang Pres (Fr.) foreign affairs, French Colony revenue inscription. Afrique Orientale Anglaise: (Fr.) British East Africa. Airlift for our Servicemen: inscription, see Airlift stamp. S.1868 issue for shipping packages to service personnel overseas. Color Registration: marks of different sizes and shapes used as an aid in properly registering the different colors in the printing process. Harkara: Indian States (Hindi) term for postal runner Harlem Express: baggage firm that serviced New York City, used a label, year unknown. Harris' Globe Delivery: parcel delivery serviced unknown area; issued a label; year unknown.

ABC Warehouse: United Kingdom strike local post, 1971. 2: USPS abbreviation for Armed Forces Africa, Canada, Europe, Middle East. Afrique Occidental Franeaise: (Fr.) French West Africa; overprint: see: A. Afrique Orientale Allemande: (Fr.) German East Africa. Airlift flight: flight carrying mail and supplies to inaccessible location due to blockade or enemy occupation of normal routes. Color Range: variety, in shade or tint of color found on various examples of the same stamp. 8: Hamburg-Altonaer-Packetfahrt von Grell & Co., 1896-1925. Hareskov Demonstration Flight: see Denmark - Hareskov Demonstration Flight, 1912.. J.) Express: baggage firm serviced New York City, used a label; year unknown.

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