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“If not for Italy, I promise, there would be civil war in Nigeria,” a migrant told me.

Last year, after Nigeria’s currency collapsed, more Nigerians crossed the sea than people of any other nationality. built a series of fences in Morocco and started paying coastal African nations to keep migrants from reaching European waters.

Blessing’s older brother, Godwin, began repairing cars in Uwelu. When Blessing was thirteen or fourteen, she dropped out of school and started an apprenticeship with a tailor, but he wanted money to train her, and after six months he let her go.

She was despondent, and believed that she had no future.

The family was close to penniless, and Doris was left to raise her four children alone.

Through friends, Blessing learned of a travel broker in Lagos, who said that he could get her a passport, a visa, and a plane ticket to Europe.

Once Blessing found work there, he promised, she would earn enough to support the entire family. Nothing.’ ” Doris sold the house and the land, and gave all the money to the broker, who promptly disappeared.

In 1897, after the Edo slaughtered a British delegation, colonial forces, pledging to end slavery and ritual sacrifice, ransacked the city and burned it to the ground.

Today, Nigeria is Africa’s richest country, but the money that is set aside for public infrastructure is often embezzled or stolen by government officials.

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