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"The sun is always gonna rise, and always gonna set and I'll just keep on punching because everyday is gonna bring something different and I just want to be ready for it." - Jens Pulver If you refer to a fighter who you've never met in real life as "my boy" as though their performance somehow reflects well on you for simply being a fan, you're a lame ass.Angle says so much BS these days its hard to work out whether anything he says is true or not.For thise who were not able to get to Twickenham you can scroll back through the banter on Facebook and on Twitter.Congratulations to everyone involved in such a splendid day. I feel very unconfident though I train but I always feel like I'm going to lose.It's usually people with more experience that I spar with and it makes me feel like I suck.

Then again, Brock probably knows how thin Angle's credibility is these days so I don't blame him for denying it.

Almost 80,000 supporters cheered the teams on and enjoyed a great day on and off the pitch for the Babcock Trophy which was covered live on Sky and BFBS.

"We hope everyone enjoyed the Sell Out day at Twichenham Stadium on Saturday 3rd May and look forward to welcoming you back next year." Gary Bushell, Chair, Army Navy Match Comittee.

Dana White, all your doubts, are about to be set aside as Lesnar will defeat Frank Mir. For the rest of the flight, Vince would try to take Angle down at any opportunity he had.

Kurt Angle, 2001 Not really a fight, but a friendly challenge of who could take down whom. s still impressive given the size of that Lesnar beast. Angle decided to have a little fun, and promptly took Vince down in the aisle.

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