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Thanks for visiting, please make your own entry in the Ships Log before you go. I'll leave my home phone number on here for any of you all can call me... Was onboard up until the ship went into dry dock before decom. Volunteered to take orders to USS Missouri and Desert Storm.Click Here to Sign the Ships Log Served onboard the USS New Jersey from 1986 - 1989. Looking for any information on him his name is Bobby Dikes. Those 2 ships were and still are the finest of any fleet EVER.Enjoyed the historical significance of the battleship. Served under Chief Deskins and later Chief Bench (Puss), when Deskins became our Senior Chief. Traveled all around the world and great memories of Hawaii, the Philippines, Singapore, Thiland, Shellback Day and Panama.I made the ribbon board that is on the wall at the museum for the 2002 reunion at the ship. Suffered the loss of Chief Gorchinski in Beirut Lebanon. Didn't get off the ship in Egypt due to getting called back for gunfire support for the Marines in Lebanon.In the past several years he had fallen on hard times and as of today 2/25/2014 he has not had final services and still lays in the morgue.I do not know what but maybe as past crew members we can do something.I am a veteran of the USS New Jersey (1955-1957), and served as both a deck hand and a radioman until decommissioning in August 1957. He is 91 years old and visits the ship as often as he can. Anyone interested in contacting him-please send me e-mail with information and I will make sure he gets it. 1985 - 1989, #2 Engine Room, MM3 Padilla, Manny from NY. She was modernized as part of President Ronald Reagans 600-ship Navy she even had Tomahawk missiles, with a range of about 500 miles. Hummel (Baltimore MD.) proudly served as a Pharmacist's Mate on the New Jersey during WW II.

5th Division, BM, worked as the EO Orderly the entire time onboard. One quiet night we heard this noise over the jungle canopy that sounded like a train.

Have many questions that I would like to have answered and I am sure he has some of his also.

What a great feeling - still floating on a cloud - was great to share the entire ship and have the tour guides to thank for this great reunion they put us together. Looking for my fellow shipmates who served with me during my tour from 1988 - 1992.

Dog, Andrews, Novotny, Mahosky, Jones and all the others?

I just want to say that this time period was very rewarding to me as it gave me the opportunity to serve my Country and to work with the very dedicated crew of The Jersey.

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