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I think a lot of sexual problems come from people feeling sex is shameful or wrong in some way.[quote="Susie G"]I don't know how common it is but growning up my family was most definitely open in this regard.I think a lot of sexual problems come from people feeling sex is shameful or wrong in some way.[/quote]So at what age was the topic broached?to set the record straight right out the gate, this is NOT an incest question.i've read on other forums about families open to masturbating openly.i'm just curious if this is rare or more common than i think.My mother talked to my sisters about everything from contraception to abortion, but nobody ever talked to me about anything.I discovered masturbation while toweling myself off after a shower, which led to all kinds of confusion and experimentation.

either openly in the living room or in their rooms with full knowledge by everyone.

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They preached safe sex to us constantly, and made it clear that masturbation was healthy and not to resist the urge when we had one.

So there was a lot of masturbation going on in our house.

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